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NOWSOLD-This Lotus F1 Team engine cover was raced on the E21 car by Romain Grosjean


NOW SOLD-GRAB A BARGAIN NOW This Lotus F1 Team engine cover was raced on the E21 car. Driven by Romain Grosjean. This genuine piece of team heritage from the 2013 season comes direct from the team. F1 engine covers act as a thermal barrier and a core part of the car’s aerodynamics. They are an iconic part of an F1 car and easily recognisable as well as representing one of the most lucrative spaces for advertising revenues. This bold E21 black & gold livery clearly features the CLEAR logos and hashtag Chicane Tandoori.This is a beautiful piece of artwork in its own right sculpture in the wind tunnel. Lotus F1 is no more so these pieces will become rarer to find.


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