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Hello and thank you for taking a look at my site. I’ve been an F1 fan for many years now, watching Mansell duelling with greats such as Senna and Prost. I remember staying up until the early hours to watch him try to clinch his World title in Australia in 1986 and as we all know watching his tyre explode and ending his hopes of winning the title.I was hooked and my interest and passion grew from there onwards.

Like many fans, I enjoy the ever changing technology used in the cars and their beautiful designs shaped in the wind tunnels. Watching drivers driving to their limits and beyond of both talent and grip.This makes F1 an exciting sport. Now although I’m unable to drive like an F1 driver, my license and talent do not allow for that, I am able to own pieces of the cars they drive and we all watch. This is what I’ve been doing for many years and my passion and enthusiasm for the sport has grown to the point where I now buy and sell interesting pieces of F1 action and history. So please do come and have a look at my store and hopefully you will find an F1 part for you or as a gift for an F1 addict in your family. Remember my stock does change and if you require a particular item and cannot see it I may be able to source it for you.
I do travel around Europe to car events and trade shows so my stock does change.
My store offers a wide range of genuine raced F1 items including: Wheels, tyres, components, mechanical parts, carbon fibre, car body parts, race ware including gloves, balaclavas and drivers race suits. All items have been used and raced through various seasons and with various teams, these are not reproductions or souvenirs and are the real thing.

All items come with a Certificate Of Authenticity for your piece of mind.

We do have one off pieces of F1 Up cycled Art and limited editions, so do look out for our new site which is under construction called F1UPCYCLED.COM and should be with us in the next few months. We also offer a bespoke service utilising genuine F1 Up cycled items. We have UK and French artisans who specialize in both wood and metal construction and sculpture who can use their talents to create bespoke F1 items for you, so let your imagination run wild.

While collecting over the years I have come across items advertised on auction sites which are not necessarily what they claim to be so I decided to open my store for people to buy genuine and honest pieces of F1 history.
Researched and guaranteed as original F1 parts. So come take a look and buy a piece of F1 history with confidence.