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NOW SOLD-Hamilton used 2018 Monaco GP weekend gloves signed on pouch


Newly crowned 7 times World Champion.
Lewis used these gloves at the 2018 Monaco GP weekend. Hamilton would go on to finish 3rd and capture his 5th World Drivers' Championship title, putting him in the elite company of those deemed as being the greatest drivers in the history
of Formula One racing. The gloves show signs of  race wear and have the all usual insignia that Hamilton normally has on his gloves including biometric cable, correct labels, FIA hologram and includes sponsorship logos from watch manufacturer IWC. Hamilton's own chevron logo is also printed on the back of the gloves, as well as the Puma branding.
As Lewis breaks all records, the value of his items increase ( take a look at Schumacher and Senna items ). This is a chance to own a true investment at a realistic price. In the next couple of years Lewis is likely to become the all time great of the sport. His items will become out of the reach of most people.
Purchase, enjoy, display and watch your investment grow. Much better than money in the bank.
Comes with company coa guaranteeing authenticity or full money back refund.