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NOW SOLD-Early Mercedes F1 full rear wing with full sponsor logos.


The ultimate display item. Find another one for sale.

One of the most iconic parts of an F1 car. A full rear wing. From the leading F1 team at present.

The W03 was driven by Michael Schumacher / Nico Rosberg. This rear wing has full decals and sponsors.

This is a genuine carbon fibre full wing from the Mercedes W03 F1 show car.

A very rare chance to own a very rare item. From the early days of Mercedes F1.
After the purchase from the Brawn team who in turn rose from the ashes of the Honda F1 team, the Mercedes team was born.
Driven by 7 times World Champion Michael Schumacher / World Champion Nico Rosberg the team went from strength to strength to later challange and win several World Championships.

This is an extremely Rare item. I have not seen another.

A very good investment in a very desirable F1 item. Would certainly look fantastic mounted / displayed.

Comes with coa.